Our story

Cosmetics and beauty products are all over the markets, pharmacies and even ecommerce websites; various brands and types filling our lives with liberty, variety and joy. Finding the advices and recommendations of experts in this field became easier than ever, following beauty specialists tips and choosing the best out of all the available brands is now a need. However filtering between different brands, tracking a massive number of experts and knowing more about what this amazing cosmetics world offers is on the contrary a different story.

This is how the idea of boutiqaat came out. We thought, why can’t we make this easier, comprehensive and even more effective for all the ladies out there who believe in the power of makeup like us? To find a method that works as a social media platform, an ecommerce website and somehow an electronic organizer for all the attractive craziness happening around us.

How it became a reality is actually the outcome of joint forces where we asked customers, celebrities and experts in ecommerce of a way to ensure easiness, availability and flexibility and we came out with this brilliant idea of having in addition to a regular cosmetics website, boutiques that offer the preferable beauty products for celebrities, experts, bloggers and even actresses where each one will have her own boutique that represents and tells the customers of what the celebrity is using, her reviews about certain products and her choices when it comes to a wide number of cosmetics brands.

How we started

In February 2015, when our idea was ready to be taken to the next level, Mr Abdul Wahab who thought of having experts in beauty abroad with us, started having extensive meetings with our current beloved celebrities where the concept of boutiqaat and boutiques was discussed. The celebrities will have the liberty of choosing what they want, use, prefer or like from over 300 brands that are brought and displayed neatly in Boutiqaat’s outstanding showroom then share their choices with their followers in their own personal boutiques. This will solve the problem of filtering, following and tracking celebrities and will give more visibility as it will cover different social media platforms users.

Next was the creation of the dream team, people who will take care of the celebrities, boutiques, the website with all its categories, the brands and products. We had to make sure the ground is solid hence, people with great experience, amazing ideas, decisions makers, smart individuals were brought to boutiqaat family. That is also why we have the biggest operational team to cover our customers’ requests and orders, the smartest IT team to keep us up with the latest ecommerce technologies, the best purchasing team that will indulge us with the best brands out there, a dynamic content team to take care of the website’s products information, an energetic social media team to keep us in loop with all what is happening, an amazing celebrity team that are professional, cooperative and will make sure our celebrities are satisfied and the list goes on. We believe that collaboration, fun work atmosphere and challenge is what will make this website it’s one of a kind.

By having a comprehensive website that includes Make up, Skin Care products, accessories and even perfumes in addition to the celebrities’ boutiques we will ensure customers won’t miss a trend, a new brand, product or even the choices of the well-known figures.